Sunday, 1 June 2014

Errol Flynn: Gentleman Hellraiser

You couldn't wish for or even invent better publicity.
And the irony of it all!
He was born 6 May, and had he jacked himself off three days earlier he would have snuffed it on my birthday!
I publish "Errol Flynn: Satan's Angel", and a man called Lincoln Hurst, who happens to be a priest and an 'ardent admirer' of Flynn goes through the book page by page, as nutcases do, lists all the faults, then compiles a TWENTY page report and sends it to ever major newspaper he can think of. 
A second nutcase takes the book to a rifle-range, sets it up and takes aim--blowing Flynn's head apart as a protest against the 'lies' I have written, most of which came from Flynn's own book!
A third nutcase posts all of this nonsense on various blogs.
Then the first nutcase--Mr Hurst, a scruffy looking oik who looks like a good wash would kill him, drops dead of a heart-attack.
The most hilarious think of all--Mr Hurst dies while having a wank while watching 'Captain Blood', and his last words were reportedly, "I'm coming, Errol!"
So hot on the heels of this madness, we re-release the book--along with seven others.
Thank you, Mr Hurst, for coming--and for going!

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