Friday, 6 June 2014

Do Not Give Vera Lynn ALL The Credit For Entertaining The Troops!

Don't get me wrong about Vera Lynn. She was pretty good crooning for her time, and her television shows were ace. But why oh why do they keep trotting her out every time there's an important anniversary as if she was the ONLY singer who ever entertained the troops? They make all the fuss about the 'new' album from this 'sprightly 97-year-old', but omit to tell us that she's done virtually nothing new since Adam was a lad and that these new songs were recorded over seventy years ago! The REAL hero entertainers of World War II were the likes of GRACIE FIELDS, MARLENE DIETRICH, JOSEPHINE BAKER, LUCIENNE BOYER and GEORGE FORMBY. These were the ones who really got up off their backsides and went out to the most dangerous places on earth--the Far East and the Pacific, forever putting themselves on the line. If the troops had to do it, so did they--this was their attitude. So by all means give Connie Carson (as my mother called her) some credit, but for goodness sake, don't give her it ALL! 

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