Tuesday, 13 May 2014

"Tabloid Newspaper Raids Russian Embassy"

And then they wonder why I wish for the exploding charabanc on the M6! Just I was starting to believe that The Sun newspaper could not possibly get any more puerile.

A Sun reporter dresses up as Conchita Wurst and "invades" the Russian Embassy. I would have laughed my socks off if they'd have dragged him inside, roughed him up a bit, then bundled him into a white van and sent him to Siberia.

But that's not the offensive part. Rhodri Phillips makes a point of telling us, as this article shows, that, "the gay 25-year-old" was raised in "a tiny village 85 miles from where Hitler was born."

And what, Mr Philips, is the point you are trying to make? Would I be right in saying that YOU were born in the same country that gave us Crippen, Peter Sutcliffe, Hindley and Brady, and Fred West? And if I did, would you find it as profoundly offensive as I am sure Tom will at your "connecting" him with with arguably the world's most evil man?

Of course, there is little doubting that if by way of modern science Adolph Hitler was raised from the dead or cloned, he would not seek Holocaust Mark II, but employment with The Sun. From my experiences with them, he would certainly be in good company! 

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