Monday, 5 May 2014

Simon Blumenfeld: The Man Who Knew Valentino

I don't very often write here about my intimates, primarily because it's nobody's business but mine and theirs, and if people decide not to believe that I knew so-and-so, that's their problem, not mine. I'm only posting this because I'm currently having a clean out of the loft, and this is what I found.

Simon knew Rudolph Valentino--or should I say, he was part of his "surround committee" when Valentino visited England. He was seventeen at the time. Valentino was with his lover, AndrĂ© Daven, and according to Simon (his real name was Sidney) they were besotted with one another, at one stage holding hands under the table. Simon was straight, but he said that such was Valentino's charisma that he actually got turned on while in his company. There's no picture of his bulging crotch, just as there is no picture of Rudy and AndrĂ© doing the horizontal foxtrot--like I said, I couldn't care less whether anybody believes me or not. 

There is a group picture of Valentino with Simon, outside the Marble Arch Cinema. I'm not going to post that, either.  I've also found a picture which Valentino autographed--the real deal. I never even knew that I had it! 

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