Monday, 12 May 2014

Russian Bigots: Can Homophobia Get Any Worse

I thought I had seen the very worst of homophobia that this world had to offer, but apparently it's no longer enough to call Our Friends Of Dorothy "asshole gays" and post pictures of cats and dogs peeing on gay actors' faces, or using them as target practice at a shooting-range.

You would think there had been a mass-shooting at a primary school, courtesy of some fruit-loop heeding one of the threats made by a fellow fruit-loop against these maligned people who are invariably their betters. You would think that Adolph has risen from the tomb to wreak havoc on the non-Arian section of the planet.

And the cause of this mass panic, this threat to the world which could see Mother Earth exploding into smithereens?

A rather cute young man who sticks a few whiskers on his face, puts on a dress, and performs an inordinately good song in a contest renowned for some of the worst music ever heard, certainly in the last few years. And the people who knock Tom are too clinically STUPID and filled to hate to see what it is all about. Well, that's that section of them who are not living double-standards.


Valery Pisscan wishes to start his own "Voice For Eurasia" contest. What he probably means is "Voice For Euthanasia", in which case he should be the first contestant. I can think of a few more who should join him, and I would very willingly be one of the judges in "Dickheads Do Dignitas", though I feel that there would be a VERY long queue. As for his sidekick, Olga Cuntalina, maybe she should take a good look around her. I've seen her face, and there would certainly be no Riot over her Pussy! Why is it that so many of these bigots are so bloody hideous? Show me one good-looking feminist or homophobe, and I'll expose myself at the next meeting of the Women's Institute! 

What amuses me is that many of these people do not practice what they preach. Only recently it emerged that ten leading anti-gay campaigners in America had been caught out--and some prosecuted--for imbibing in a little man-to-man action, and not in the conventional romantic sense.    

Russia Condemns Conchita Wurst, Wants “Voice of Eurasia”

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Bulgaria: Russia Condemns Conchita Wurst, Wants “Voice of Eurasia” Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst. Photo: EPA/BGNES
The Russian MP from the Communist Party Valerii Rishkin said Russia must stop participating in  Eurovision contest and create its own - “Voice of Eurasia”, reports Interfax.

“The results of the latest Eurovision were the last straw,” he said. “We must leave this contest immediately, it is high time that we stop tolerating this madness. Each year Russia spends EUR 40 M on this.”

According to Rishkin, Russia had enough resources and possibilities to create its own song competition “Voice of Eurasia”. “We have global events such as the Olympics, we can have our own contest,” he said. “I think that all countries from the Eurasian space, as well as many others, will support us.”

The victory of Austrian transvestite Conchita Wurst, who attracted the public attention mostly with his somewhat weird appearance, sparked a public outrage in Russia.

The ruling party United Russia expressed its indignation with the victory of the “bearded drag queen”.

According to the deputy head of the parliamentary committee on family, women and children, Olga Batalina, the results of the Eurovision contest were the result of “propaganda of untraditional culture, including gay culture”.

The MP Vitalii Milonov demanded that the minister of culture Vladimir Medinskii  bans the performances of Conchita Wurst to Russia.

“The stage image and the music, performed by this entity of unidentified sex, are in itself an insult to the majority of Russia and many other countries,” he said. “It would be a culpable negligence to let him on our territory.” All Are Welcome! Join Now! - See more at:

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