Thursday, 29 May 2014

Rudolph Valentino: New Publication

My team, bless them, having been working really hard on the back-catalogue! Foreign language editions of Elizabeth Taylor are now out in Russia, Poland, Sweden and China. Garbo is travelling the globe, so to speak. Diana Dors, Mario Lanza, Doris Day et all--not to mention dear old Nancy Sphinctergritzel--are now all out on that new-fangled Kindle thing, which I never agreed to at first. I guess because I don't like those little machines, and having people walk into me while reading them in the street, I held back thinking that they might be a flash in the pan! The team and me (or should that be the team and I?) have been inundated with requests for the Italian edition of Valentino, and the French edition of the Piaf interviews. So, here goes...
Valentino is available in print and digital editions from Lulu.Inc as from today, and will be available on Amazon and all the regular on-line and retail stores from mid-June.

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