Thursday, 15 May 2014

Princess Grace Of Monaco, Nicole Kidman & Mistinguett

Like our own Princess Diana, she was the ultimate drop-dead gorgeous royal who married into the ultimate dysfunctional family. Both the Grimaldis (they sound like clowns) and the Windsors (most of them are clowns) track-records speak for themselves, so no need to think I'm taking a pop. Divorces, more divorces, scandals, and all kinds of shenanigans. They make my step-family seem almost normal! And no, Mrs Anonymous, I will not publish the letters to and from HM The Queen Mother, so you can put that one in your casket and smoke it! (Very soon, please!)
Nicole Kidman's film has been well-and-truly trounced by the critics, and by Albert Grimaldi himself--who hasn't even seen it. I know that feeling. My best-selling books have usually been the ones the Amazon armchair critics haven't read, or the ones they reviewed before I'd finished writing them. Therefore I have great hopes for the film, It will be a tremendous success. 
And where does Mistinguett come in?
Well, in most French newspapers, Grace's and Rainier's engagement was shunted to one side became La Miss--who was REAL royalty--died on that day.

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