Friday, 30 May 2014

In Defence Of Joey Barton

I think it's safe to say that Joey doesn't like feminists, therefore I'm with him on that one. There are some nice ones, of course, but the ones I've had the misfortune to tangle with have been so physically repulsive, I swear they would wilt roses from a hundred yards. Most of them dislike we men not because of any reason that they are so reprehensibly unpleasant that they would never get a man in a million years.
Joey likened UKIP and the other UK political parties to four ugly women, from which one must choose one, but cannot. It's an interesting analogy. He pronounced this to a UKIP MP with a mouth like a barn door, one who cried absolutely everyone down on last night's 'Question Time'. I guess that if Britain had no other choice but to have a creature like her as Prime Minister, then we would all be writing to Goering's relatives to ask if they still have that recipe for suicide pills. 
Had, say, Katherine Jenkins made such a comment as Joey, the analogy being ugly men, it would have been regarded as hilariously funny.
If the Russians put me in a room with Joey and Barn-Door Mouth and said it was either a choice of choosing one of them, or Siberia, then it would have to be Joey. Well, it would be Joey in any case, but that's by the by.

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