Sunday, 11 May 2014

Great Speech Ton-Conchita: But Do Bigots Change?

It was a great post-Eurovision speech, and the world IS changing, slowly but surely. But you will never change these prime examples of human degradation that like to think they are right all the time.

We've all experienced them at some time or other. Debris which is so desperate to be recognised and accepted that they bully and boast of their own imagined achievements--telling us how successful, how wonderful, how loved they are. I've seen actors telling us how sterling their performances have been--when they have been absolutely blasted by every critic under the sun. I've been to book fairs where authors have taken a sneaky look around them, then brought out a clutch of books from their little plastic carrier, stuck it on the pile after moving accepted books to one side or even dropping them in the rubbish bin, then taken a sneaky picture and boasted on-line that their work is the centre of attention and in the best-sellers when it is at Number 4 million on Amazon, and not even on the book fair list or photographed in the appropriate category. I've seen singers boasting that their performances are sell-outs when there have only been 100 booing people in a 2,000-capacity venue. I've seen "straight" men knocking gays, then rushing off for a cosy little rendez-vous with clandestine boyfriends. I've seen directors boasting that their films are neat little earners when they haven't even recovered the production costs. And all of these people have used a common tool--knocking those who are genuinely more successful than they are, but only in a hateful way, attacking them for their colour, their sexuality, their appearance. 

These are the dregs of society, the human puerility that the likes of Tom want to see eliminated from society. And the most amusing thing of all, which everyone but these vile people can see, is what THEY accuse us of, they are invariably that, themselves. Not only this, they possess one none-quality unique to themselves--that of innate stupidity and the inability to see beyond their prejudiced noses. 

And the best way to deal with these supreme examples of  sub-human vomit? Ignore them and let them rant and continue making fools of themselves! We know, and so do they that they will always remain nobodies, vainly attempting to acquire attention at someone else's expense. Ignore them, and if one of them dies somewhere near you, reward them by pissing on their grave!

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