Thursday, 15 May 2014

George Formby: An Intimate Biography Of The Troubled Genius

Title and cover change...

The cover for the revised George Formby back had to be changed, as did the title. To still use the title "George Formby: Troubled Genius" means that it pops up on all the retail sites and channels (except in Japan, for some reason!) with the old blue cover, and at the vastly inflated prices they are charging, sometimes as much as £100 because of the still considerable demand for all things Formby. It's still there, but people only see it under the old blue paperback, still at inflated prices. George's fans are not related to Lady Docker and cannot afford £30 or $45 for a humble paperback! Even the production company involved with the Formby project balk at this!

Turned out nice again!

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