Saturday, 3 May 2014

Clifford Meets His Ferrybridge

He served his purpose, and he conned many of us. He inadvertently enabled one of my oppressors to be nabbed, and the press interview I gave about him a few weeks ago shifted a few thousand Diana books. 

He's gone down for eight years, and we're told he'll have to serve at least four. Right now, I should imagine, there are more than a few celebrities shitting themselves--one really big one springs to mind--wondering how much he might blab from the inside, wondering how much he may have arranged to be blabbed from the outside now that his empire has crumbled. I imagine one or two private planes being put on stand-by for would-be Ronnie Biggs and Lord Lucans, and one or two first-class seats being snapped up on Eurostar over the next few days. Men like Max Clifford go down fighting, and though I firmly believe that he deserves what has come to him, I don't blame him from bringing a few others down with him. I would do exactly the same, and indeed have a plan in action should anything befall me. There's already a big story about to hit the press about one of Max's supporters--trying to bleat him/herself out of an awkward situation, he/she will only dig him/herself into a bigger hole.

So, what happens now that Max is sewing mailbags, and who will be next? When I gave my interview--there were two, one of which made the press--I was told that there was a 90% certainty that Max would go down, and the same certainty that two more will follow before the summer is out, that a really big one is waiting in the wings and will fall by the end of the year. It's all about money, allegedly.

Yet I still stick to my theory and campaign, in that these people should NOT be named until found guilty by a jury, and that IF the stories about them have been made up, the names of those accusing should be made public. 

Last week, a teacher was murdered by a 15-year-old boy who could not be named for legal reasons and a whole community was left traumatised. Twitterers named him, and so did The Sun newspaper. Though I still long for that incident on the M6 involving the charabanc, I admire them for doing this. Now that he has been charged, we are back to not being allowed to name him again. I don't fancy his chances if he gets banged up with a bunch of sex-starved old lags.

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