Thursday, 10 April 2014

Vera Lynn: The New Album That Is Not New

I really take exception to this. I don't dislike Vera Lynn, but we've had seventy years of regurgitating ALL the same songs, and these reports try to fool us into believing that she's toddled into the studio and laid down new tracks. She hasn't. You might as well say the same about anyone who releases endless compilation albums. Now, take CELESTE RODRIGUES and JULIETTE GRECO, two legendary ladies who have always ensured that the same songs have been coming out of their ears for donkey's years. CELESTE topped the charts three years ago with an album of NEW songs, at 86. Greco recorded an album of Brel songs last year IN TWO TWO-HOUR sessions. None of all the mixing rubbish, and she was 86 also. The album sold a million copies. This "new" Vera Lynn album is just another farce dreamed up by someone to make money--and when she dies, they will do the same thing again

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