Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Twitter Does Sometimes Get It Right

It was Andy Warhol who said that most people would get their 15 minutes of fame. Twitter changed all of that. Now, nonentities and cowards--that's how I view most of those striking out and within the space of 140 characters trying to disrupt and ruin lives, while being too gutless to use their own names. I guess anyone who has achieved any degree of success has had to suffer at the hands of these vehement cretins who use attacking us as an excuse for their own persistent and ongoing failures. They may boast of their achievements, but in the real world they don't have any.
I'll clear up the Max Clifford thing, to begin with, to satisfy the person (name and address withheld) who bombasts me on a daily basis under the tag...yes, you've guessed it right..."Anonymous".
When I was interviewed by the press I was told that there was a 90% chance of this one turning sour. It did, and I am happy with the way the investigation concluded. The downside is that he has a lot of names in his portfolio, which suggests there could soon be a few private planes standing by on runways, or a few more first class seats booked on Eurostar. But, the press were still WRONG to name Clifford, at a time when no one knew if he was guilty or not, and they still would not have named his accusers had he been found innocent, and had it emerged that they had made up stories. Therefore, "Anonymous", my original comments stand.
The murder of Anne McGuire shocked a nation. I have read nothing but praise about this lady. And as there were so many witnesses to the crime, despite the media reports of "a 15-year-old boy who may not be named for legal reasons", his name and photographs are all over Twitter, along with demands to bring back capital punishment. I agree. This is not a case of "may have". He took a knife into school, and he killed someone. Mr Pierrepoint's successor should be employed at once. This boy's Facebook page is still open, and the images are unsettling, to say the least.
And on the subject of capital punishment. How sad that an execution went wrong in America last night, and the "poor chap" suffered a heart-attack and died. My heart bleeds.

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