Thursday, 3 April 2014

Stop The Violence

Channel 5 and its subsidiaries currently air on average a staggering 150 of the various CSI dramas every week, in addition to its nightly diet of murder profiles--Fred West, slashers, child-killers et all--this week alone, over 50. It's become almost impossible to switch on some TV channels without seeing someone blowing someone else to bits, or human remains on mortuary slabs.

Homophobic lunatics make public requests for people to be shot in the face, as happened to myself, perhaps in semi-jest, perhaps not. Tooled up psychopaths walking into schools are not always possessed of the sense to know the difference, while those making such comments do not have any sense at all. 

The likes of Fred Phelps parade public places with their banners of hatred, inciting violence.

Is there any wonder, then, that people go berserk with guns, such as has just happened in Texas? All it takes is one idiot with a twisted mind to listen to another idiot with a twisted mind or watch one programme too many for the wrong message to be imbibed, and for the tragedies to keep on happening.

Television, religious fanatics and homophobes, racists and other human debris should all be held accountable to some of the dreadful things happening in the world today.

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