Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Paolo Nutini: Please Take A Bath!

Paolo Nutini: an inspiration to tramps everywhere who appeared on Breakfast TV just now. If you haven't seen him, you might expect with such a name some handsome Italian heart-throb. Instead you get a screaming, urchin scruff-bag who looks like he spent a week sleeping in a dumpster. It took him all his time to talk, he was looking off camera all the time as if taking the piss, grinning like a goon, his teeth the only part of him that looked remotely clean. His trousers, if he took them off, would stand up on their own. He had big holes in his pullover, under which he was wearing a T-shirt that I wouldn't use for mopping up cat-sick. He kept scratching himself, to the extent that I half-expected the nit-nurse to pop out from the scenery at any moment. His hair looked more alive than he was. And this is the sort of creature that our kids are supposed to be inspired with? I guess we should only be grateful that our TV sets don't have Smell-o-Vision! Message to the BBC: scrub that sofa before you let anyone else sit on it!

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