Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Margaret Thatcher: One Year On

My second controversy of the day. I grew up in a mining community, and often heard people say how much they hated working down the pit, but that there was no other employment. My family proved that there was, therefore I had no pity whatsoever for them when they went on strike. Arthur Scargill was an absolute arsehole. I was ORDERED to meet him in my capacity as Management Services Officer with the NHS, and ORDERED to strike, out of sympathy, without pay. I refused on both counts. We had a mortgage, and were struggling back then. The other miners were like sheep: the King said shit, so they all shat. Anyone with any sense knew that they would never win their fight. Thirty years on, they are still harping on about it. Times have changed, my friends. We don't need pits, just as we don't have rickets any more, or send little boys up chimneys. And to those who wanted to tip bags of coal in front of the hearse, and those who want to hold "burning" ceremonies for this anniversary--grow up!

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