Saturday, 29 March 2014

Clifford Roache et All: Fighting Back

I said some time ago that we should all join together and fight back. There are some genuine cases, of course, but most of what happens now involves some evil cow--invariably a loser, ignored by life, clinging to the remnants of what has been a meaningless life, struggling to get out of the gutter they have put themselves in. It's not always women, but most of all it is. When someone is famous, these desperate creatures will fling themselves at these gullible men and do anything to get noticed. How many times have you seen websites and Facebook pages where the owner poses with one celebrity after another--almost like a schoolboy or girl collecting postage stamps? They've "star-fucked" (that's the term they use, but not always literally) every cast member of Coronation Street except so-and-so, and now only need him or her for the set.

When I was a teenager hooked on a certain female pop-star, had I been in the Top Of The Pops audience I would have done anything for the deejay to get to meet her. Anything. I was by no means the one. Half the kids in my class at school would have done the same thing. Had it not been for Jimmy Savile, most of this stuff would have gone by the roadside. He did a lot of the things he's been accused of, there's no question of that. We both worked at the same hospital, at the time he was doing his rounds. But do you really believe he did ALL of that stuff? Absolutely no way! It's just women making up stories to try and get their fifteen minutes of fame, and a few bucks in the process--and of course, they've waited until he's dead before stepping forwards. And, taking advantage of this, we now have around thirty high-profile cases--ten of these waiting to break, depending on if the others collapse or not, which they almost certainly will.

These lunatics think that all they have to do is pick up the phone, spin the police a cock-and-bull story, and that within minutes they will be hammering down the door of their victim. They do it under the cloak of anonymity, but we always find out who they are because they always give themselves away.

A friend of mine has a friend who is an actor. Thirty years ago, before becoming known, he had a relationship with a 15-year old boy, which might sound bad until you realise that the actor was only 17 at the time. It was hardly a major crime, and the relationship lasted over a year--with the actor always the passive partner, not the other way around. Then, thirty years down the line, the lover tried to bring the actor down, and failed miserably. 

At the height of the Savile frenzy, a group lunatics conspired to bring me down. It was nothing sexual that I had done. Abject failures themselves, they were jealous of my success and the fact that I had differing opinions of subjects they were involved with. Had I been an ordinary person, they would have treated me the same as their other victims--years of name-calling and tit-for-tat on Amazon, the so-called "instant-attack" site, and of course ALWAYS using pseudonyms because they are too cowardly to operate otherwise. The bully who lights the touch-paper in the first place, and who is incapable of dealing with the bomb exploding back in their unseen faces. They involved the police, the press, the local authorities of three towns--one was Ormskirk, because I'd written somewhere that while growing up I'd been close to Marianne Faithfull, who lived there at the time I referred to. Talk about being thick as pig-shit! I fought back. Amongst those who helped me were a couple of policemen friends, a clutch or journalists, and Max Clifford's office, which is why I am very firmly on his side during his ordeal. One publication was served with a writ. Two police officers were suspended, and two more given warnings. A third hearing takes place in a few weeks time--even though the case against me was dropped, I insisted on taking it to the next level. To date, this has cost an estimated £88,000--and all of it has come out of the public purse. Just imagine how much it is costing to hear these other nonsensical cases! I hold grudges, and have every intention of making people pay--especially the evil harridan who wrote that I was still having a sexual relationship with my mother, who would have been in her nineties, and that we had had a child. She died almost 43 years ago. Some of these women who hound our celebrities are so inherently evil, burning at the stake would never be good enough.

So yes, we DO stick together, as I predicted we would just a few weeks ago. And we will keep on winning because these women spin so many yarns that they inevitably slip up, and wouldn't even be able to lie straight in bed. 

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