Monday, 24 February 2014

Ukraine:Britain Neglecting It's Own Once More

When is this country going to stop bailing out every self-inflicted charity case, and start helping its own?
Ukraine may deserve some pity, but it--its politicians headed by the ousted leader, and the woman who looks like Jean Arthur in A Foreign Affair--has been the instrument of its own misfortune. It's bad enough America wanting to add it's two-penneth--the mighty Obama threatening to the send in the troups, which means that Britain's bum-lickers will lick as hard as he asks them to--without Britain interfering in something that's none of our business.
We've just had one half of the country devastated by floods, made worse by the government cuts. We have people forced out of their homes because of the bedroom tax. Rents and council taxes are rising, as are food prices, while salaries remain the same. Councils are forced into making ridiculous cuts, which means that some of us don't get an iota of the services we are paying for. Next month, Osborne will sting us as he always does with the Budget.
And now they're wanting to give OUR money to a country which, like Afghanistan and Iraq, is never going to change no matter what any outsiders do. 
My opinion is that if they want to keep on blowing themselves and their cities to bits, let them. We're never going to stop them. Just keep us out of it, otherwise we're going to end up with another situation where OUR boys and girls are going to be making the ultimate sacrifice, for naff all, while the politicians (most or our government are millionaires who have never wanted for anything)  who make these decisions are sitting all warm and snug at home, out of harm's way.

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