Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Killing Of Marius: Inhuman Spite


They spend a fortune keeping serial killers in jail, as do we, at the tax-payer's expense when a flick of a switch or a length of rope would be a far better option. I'm entitled to opine on this because I knew a serial killer very well: we were close friends for a while, and when he was sentenced to life imprisonment I was amongst the first to sign a petition for him to hang.

They spend a fortune bringing foreigners here that we don't want, who will bring no financial reward to our country but merely add to the already crippling burden of our benefits system. If they're coming here to work or to evade the terrors of war by all means bring them here, otherwise let them stay where they are.
The Immigration Minister resigns because he hasn't practised what he preached. More government scandals are sure to follow.

And now this baby giraffe, Marius. The zoo where he was threatened to "put him down"--a polite way of saying that he would be shot through the head at close range with a steel bolt, cut into pieces where he falls, and fed to the zoo's lions.

A zoo here in England offered to house him--to welcome him into their hearts and give him a safe and comfortable home. Thousands of people signed the petition. There should have been no problem. But those in charge are spiteful, evil bastards--they did what they threatened to do, and he has now been killed and indeed fed to the lions.

I hope these people can sleep on a night. Indeed, I for one would be delighted if whoever signed this gorgeous creature's death-warrant goes to sleep and never wakes up. 

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