Sunday, 16 February 2014

Rain, Rain, Go Away~And Take The Witnesses With You!

I'm thinking of buying a pair of fins to get me to the shops and back in this accursed weather. Yet no matter how much it rains, we still get those darned Jehovah's Witness banging on the door and spouting their tosh! Maybe they don't need fins--they walk on top of the foot-deep puddles? And why do they always have to dress like dirty old men, or old biddies who've kept their clothes in mothballs for fifty years? I always think of that episode in "Popeye" when someone presses the doorbell, and a big boxing glove springs out and clocks them one! Alternatively of that scene in "Buckleroos" where two cute chaps turn up the door in Utah or some other Mormon state and tell Dean Phoenix they're here to save his soul and he replies, "It ain't lost!" before inviting them in and giving them the seeing to of their lives!
Not that I would want to do that with the creature who came to my door this morning with a face so bitter, she would have made an aperitif jealous!

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