Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman: Others Need Our Pity, Not Him

I have absolutely no pity for this man. He may have been a great actor, but wealth and fame were not enough, so he set a bad example and he paid for his folly with his life. His death leaves me completely cold. What makes me sad--what makes me cry if I am to be honest--is when I switch on the news and see all those lovely young people getting killed in wars instigated by politicians too cowardly to fight in them themselves. These young, tremendously brave people who have given their lives are the ones we should be honouring. Yet how many of these unsung heroes do we see plastered across the front of the papers? Not many. If 10,000 troops perished in a single day, wherever, and on that same day Cheryl Cole fell down and broke her leg, which one would the headline be?
I do pity his family, the children he has left behind--but he cannot have been too concerned with their welfare, otherwise he would not have behaved with such crass stupidity.


  1. Yet another moronic blog.

    One could argue that soldiers choose to put their lives in danger, just as Hoffman did. Do soldiers not care about their families given the high risk to their lives?

    Let's face it, you are nothing more than a non homophobic Richard Littlejohn

  2. I don't usually publish comments because 95% of those who do, despite their very strong opinions, do not choose to leave their names. This one is an exception as I know who it is and find it amusing and rather nonsensical!