Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Oscar Pistorius: Don't Condemn Him Until You Learn The Truth

I've known him for a few years now, and until I decide otherwise I will keep on knowing him. South Africa is such a corrupt country--no one was more dodgy than Mandela, and when he died he was treated like some kind of Second Saviour. People conveniently forgot about the cruelty of his regime--all those incidents with the tyres. None of us were there that day, with Oscar, and none of us know what happened. Much of what we read in the press may or may not be contrived--and who in their right mind truly believes anything they read in The Sun or The Star, written by hacks who wouldn't be able to lie straight in bed. Look how long they've been harping on about the missing child thing, publishing "exciting new stories" for no other reason than they have no one's lives to ruin on that particular day. When these stories start appearing on real newspapers such as The Times or Telegraph, that's when they may have credence, and not until. Antonella Lazzeri, the one who stitched me up, will always be Simone Berteaut rather than Simone de Beauvoir.
So, Oscar, while they're all sticking their knives into you, until fate decides otherwise--which I very much doubt--I'm on your side!

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