Thursday, 9 January 2014

Thomas Hitzlsperger

There are three kinds of evil people in this world.
Homophobes,racists,and certain Sun journalists.
The first two contenders are only of use when pushing up daisies.
Sun journalists, or at least some of them, are just vile, but they trend and go with the flow. A couple of years ago one of them "got" me, accusing me of wanting it (they are not worthy of gender) to die in a smash on the M6. This was a lie~it was the M1.
Today, the Sun praises Thomas for coming out as a gay. They call him brave, and he is. He would have been braver to have come out before he retired,but such is tabloid poison that they would have made his life a misery. The Sun's arch hypocrisy comes with their statement, "The abuse from a morinic minority could have been career-ending."
I witnessed first-hand the tabloid destruction of Justin Fashinu. The chipwraps were merciless. They and the homophobes drove him to suicide. Stephen Gately definitely, and Tom Daley almost certainly only came out because, had they not done so, the tabloids would have done it for them.
I was indirectly "involved" with Stephen.That week, I appeared in just about every national newspaper with my "revelation" in my book that George Formby was a "camp icon".
"Was Formby a shirt-lifter," one hack phoned to ask me. "Are you yourself gay?"
The hack was going to print  some rubbish about us both. Then he called back, later that evening.
"We've decided to leave you and Formby alone," he announced, as if I should have been grateful. "We've got an exclusive on a boy band singer instead."
This was Stephen, who had been forced to tell his own story to keep it clean.
Stephen and Justin are sadly gone--one vile woman, against whom a friend and I raised a 300,000-name petition which was presented to the Prime Minister, and to no avail, said Stephen had died on account of his gay lifestyle.It turned out that he had had a heart condition.
In their memory, and ahead of what these horrible people will surely write about others in the future, I do not wish them dead as I would other homophobes, but a long life which will see them suffer more and more each day.
There is no need for it. And of course, there will be doubtless seedy stories about Thomas,who will have to stay strong.  

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