Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Duggan Case: A Personal Opinion

This is what Sky News have to say, just now:

David Cameron has appealed for a calm response to the inquest verdict that Mark Duggan was lawfully killed by a police marksman despite being unarmed.
The Prime Minister said he hoped people would respect the "proper judicial process" and welcomed the stance taken by Mr Duggan's aunt Carole, who said she wanted "no more violence".
Earlier one of the Metropolitan Police's most senior officers told Sky News the force could have shown "better transparency" in its response to the shooting.
Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley was responding to allegations that officers may have colluded when they put together their notes of the incident.
He told 
  1. ...
Sky's Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt: "We've already made some changes and I think there's more we can do.
"Every officer has to give their own account of what they recollect, so while they're witnesses, they're sitting down, they're making statements and they put hundreds of pages of evidence into the IPCC - it has to be their own accounts.
"Clearly, the way that was done, there's ways we could have better transparency, more clear supervision and we've put some changes in place."

My opinion. Another waste of tax-payers' money for an already strapped for cash police force. It doesn't matter whether he threw the gun away or not, the fact is that he had one, and the officer didn't know this at the time. The families of these criminals are all the same. "Our little Jimmy was an angel!" If you carry a gun around with you, you need to accept the consequences. The jury spent long enough delivering their verdict. The family should not be allowed to appeal, unless they pay for it themselves.


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