Sunday, 5 January 2014

Open Letter To Capitol Records Regarding Morrissey Comments

Open Letter To Capitol Records, 2785 East Grand Blvd, Detroit, Michigan 48211, USA.

It has come to our attention that you may have assigned the singer Morrissey to a record contract. We, as a former biographer and supporter of this controversial singer, would like to draw your attention to the very serious and upsetting comments he has recently made, wherein he states that eating meat is no more serious a crime than rape, torture and paedophilia, who cheapens a heinous crime and equates the deaths of children by likening this to the food we find on supermarket shelves? Do you, as a world-renowned and hugely respected company, really wish your name to be involved with a man like this? A man who asks a world famous cook if he would be willing to microwave his own children? I ask you lo look into your hearts and consider the feelings of the likes of Sara Payne, Matthew Sheppard, and relatives of the victims of Ian Huntley, when they are now told that the deaths of their loved ones are no less important than had they been animals? Equally bad is the reaction to this statement by die-hard Morrissey fans, who have been brainwashed by this man for many years and who cling to his every word, and therefore may only be regarded as no less irresponsible and in many respects potentially as dangerous as he is. Do we need our children and future generations to be convinced by this sadly very influential public figure that hurting and killing children is no different than killing animals for the table. I ask you, as one of the world's most respected record companies, how you would feel should there be some horrible crime committed~think of all the school shootings there have been~because one unbalanced Morrissey fan decided to take it upon himself that human life is no more valuable than that of a chicken? I ask you, is this the sort of "artiste" that Capitol Records wants on its books? 

David Bret.
5th January 2014


  1. Morrissey is merely using this comparison to make a point, the point is: the death and needless destruction of any innocents is a horrific crime. Why with all the food to eat is this still happening? Why with all the sophisticated alternatives today for food choices is this primitive behavior still going on? Just fathom if you will, that celebrity chefs, and political figures that could stop this senseless eating of flesh, instead promote kindness to all living beings, but of course they won't, there is no profit in that is there? And yet with all of their greed, with their lack of appreciation for life in general for all, and their need to dominate and promote evil, it is ironic, that you would find Morrissey the evil one in this scenario, ironic that you interpret his statement as not caring for children, when I and hopefully many others see these others as profiting off of slaughtered animals, Morrissey hurt nobody!

  2. Dear David,
    How patronizing you sound to write such a letter?! As a passionate fan of Morrissey's music I (& I'm sure the vast majority of his devotees) are actually intelligent enough to recognise the offensive & totally inaccurate nature of his remark. His veganism & passion for the campaign against animal cruelty is well documented throughout his career, & I believe he keeps trying to communicate how disgusted & sickened he feels about the whole farming/meat processing industry. I totally disagree with his comparison, however believe he feels as strongly about it as most people feel about paedophillia & the exploitation of children. The British Press have remained constant in their negativity & criticism of Morrissey both professionally & personally - & they know that his controvertial comments will fuel this, & of course sell their papers. (Which is actually all they care about, not the plight of the abused child or animal). I suspect he is now in a position in his career & his life not to care about what insults & half truth is written about him, having dealt with it for so long. By making this remark demonstrates that he cares more about his beliefs surrounding the consumption of meat in this country. However, I do appreciate how insensitive it was to use child abuse as a means of comparison, but I think we hear the word paedophile & collectively start is the real victims & families of this crime that we should consider, & why he should not have made the remark, not the usual 'band-waggon jumping', tabloid reading public who love a good excuse to have a go. Sue Walker.

  3. Re:

    "I ask you, as one of the world's most respected record companies, how you would feel should there be some horrible crime committed~think of all the school shootings there have been~because one unbalanced Morrissey fan decided to take it upon himself that human life is no more valuable than that of a chicken?"

    But an "unbalanced Morrissey fan" if they are a committed vegetarian or vegan (as I am) would never want to murder either humans or chickens.

    And as for your byline of "Lover Of Nice People", well, I remind you of these classic Morrissey lines from the song Disappointed:

    Don't talk to me, no
    About people who are "nice"
    'Cause I have spent my whole life in ruins
    Because of people who are "nice"

    It's great to hear to the old Mozzer has a new album out in 2014. It'll probably say more than hundreds of other mid-paced pop offerings on the charts will this year.


    1. As for calling me c**t, I guess this explains everything about you--your level of intelligence, not to mention the fact that you are indeed so brainwashed that normal debate eludes you, and you can only resort to dirty language. Blue is certainly your colour, and having studied your photograph,you are clearly no rose.

  4. I am never going to change my opinion that Morrissey remains quite possibly the finest male singer-songwriter this country has ever produced. I cannot, however, stand on the sidelines when he makes such flippant remarks comparing eating meat with paedophilia. I can see the logic of some fans' points of view, and they are of course entitled to their opinion, and I can also see that Morrissey makes such comments to grab attention--we all do, in this business. But his remarks were ill-chosen, and some fans--not all of them, but the ones who cling to his every word--are doing themselves no favours in agreeing with him. When someone writes to me and asks, of Sara Payne, if she ever considers how a chicken feels when its partner is slaughtered, then this is bound to attract not just adverse criticism, but a suggestion that some fans are indeed brainwashed.