Thursday, 23 January 2014

Ollie Locke~What A Gentleman!

He's quite possibly the nicest, sweetest and politest person that's ever been in the Big Brother house, yet the poor chap cannot win when pitched against those horrendous women! It's taken him three weeks to finally let rip and swear back, and even then he radiates class.

Homophobes and racists aside, there's nothing worse on God's earth than a woman who swears--and most of the women here need their mouths washing out with carbolic. Luisa curses like a trooper on home leave, and has the morals of a slug. The others are little better. As for Linda Nolan, she would be perfectly at home selling cod on Grimsby market--and prove yet again that there's another woman who thinks she's God's gift to the world that she would never sell any, even if she was giving it away! 

Any woman who calls someone a "c*nt" in public is the lowest of the low. 

I'm certain that Ollie will win this. I found out the other day that I've worked with his mother, too! Such a small world! He's a legend!

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