Thursday, 23 January 2014

Justin Bieber: Why I Have No Sympathy

I have no sympathy whatsoever for this creature. He reminds me of a young woman who shall remain nameless (as Marlene said, "Not that one, the other one!") who has had a finger on the self-destruct button for so long, it's glued to it. 

Justin Bieber has very little talent. He's just a pretty face, but what makes him dangerous in that thousands of young people worship him to such an extent--a bit like the Mozzaloops--that they will cling to his every word and action. The difference between Bieber and Mozza is that Mozza has genuine talent--oodles of it, but sadly a mouth like the Mersey Tunnel--while Bieber is JUST a pretty face. The majority of the fans, however, are just as barking mad--the Mozza fans of their own volition, and little to do with him--the Bieber fans just giddy girls who follow his every whim.

Bieber, like the aforementioned female is arrogant, and a law unto himself. No one can tell him what to do because he thinks he knows it all, and he has the additional peril in that he has "found God", which of course he thinks gives him leeway to act like a complete pratt.

I hope, for his own sake, that he gets sent to prison. Okay, so he'll probably end up as somebody's bitch--if Benidorm's Donald can, so can Justin--but at least he'll have the arrogance knocked out of him and hopefully get his life back on track. 

Otherwise, I cannot see this young man reaching his twenty-first birthday, which would be sad. 

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