Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Twenty Years Passes Quickly

Twenty years today since my father died--a horrible, cruel man who had last minute revenge on us by dying on the anniversary of the death of Jeanne's father, who we adored. The only thing that made me sad was that O.B. hadn't died thirty years earlier. It would have seen us avoiding a lot of misery.
We had made a pledge with Marlene. She hated someone as much as we hated him, therefore whichever of these people snuffed it first, the other would buy the champagne to celebrate. Marlene had gone by then, but we took a hip-flask and toasted to his death outside her apartment.
It would be nice if, on this auspicious occasion, if another horrible person could shuffle their mortal coil--you know, as a mark of respect for all the misery they caused. There are a few to choose from--some I know, some I don't. Then at least in the future, while mourning a real loved one--Jeanne's dad--we could have something to really celebrate. I mean, the ones I'm thinking about--at least one of them is in jail for murder--aren't exactly doing much with their lives, only causing misery, and they wouldn't be missed.

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