Monday, 16 December 2013

Théo Sarapo & The Homophobic Sister Who Found God

Those who know me know that I hate racists, homophobes, and all other bigots. Somewhere slotted between the two come the religious fanatics--Jehovah's Witnesses and Bible-Bashers who claim that they love the world and who, if push came to shove, would not offer a blind man a light.

Enter one Christie Laume, who is the surviving sister of Théo Sarapo, Edith Piaf's second husband. 

For my book, I interviewed several people who knew Théo well. All of them described him as a beautiful young man, kind and gentle as a lamb. All confirmed the fact that he was gay. Indeed, it's a well-known fact that he met Piaf by way of his boyfriend, Claude Figus, who was her secretary. When Piaf brought the painter Doug Davies to Paris from America, he shared Théo's room. Piaf knew, and accepted this. She told her nurse, Simone Margantin--in the book--that no man since Marcel Cerdan had seen her naked. Théo did not marry her for her money--she had none and was in debt. When she died, he inherited these debts and has just cleared the slate when he was killed in a car crash, aged just 34.

In 1963, Piaf sang "Monsieur Incognito", which tells of Théo, working his beat outside a Métro station in Paris. As a younger man, he was what would today be called a rent-boy. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, nothing to be ashamed of.

Christie Laume has kicked up a bit of a stink over the comments given myself and those who knew Théo, quite obviously better than she did. I would accept her protecting her brother, were it not for her spouting the Bible between every sentence. She married young, she said, and after having two children and divorcing her husband, she found God. 

Therefore that makes it all right for this homophobic old toad to spout her tosh. Check out her Blog and website--and when you do, have a vomit-bag handy. 

Christie Laume hates sinners, she says, and reads the Bible every day. In 1963 the Pope in his infinite wisdom denied Piaf a Christian funeral because he deemed HER a sinner.

I guess Ms Laume, who hovers in cowardly fashion among the sites under an alias, would also as a born-again Christian denounce Piaf as a sinner for her many love-affairs and her lifestyle. I wonder then if she turns her snout up at all the money that comes winging her way from royalties bequeathed to her by this "wicked woman"? I would think not.

This therefore makes her a hypocrite and a bigot, the lowest of the low in my eyes--and the kind of person that Piaf would be the very first to frown upon, were she still with us.

Edith Piaf remains the finest female singer to have ever drawn breath. She sang "La vie en rose", and she WAS a rose. You, Ms Laume, are the dung we would use to mulch our roses, only to regret doing so afterwards because, such is your poison, they would wilt on the vine.

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