Sunday, 22 December 2013

Romanians & Bulgarian Scroungers: Would THEY Want US?

So, come next week there could be an influx of Bulgarians and Romanians taking advantage of Britain's "we'll have anybody" benefits policy. That's fine if they are going to work here, and not milk the system. Our NHS would be useless if it wasn't for foreigners coming over, and there are many jobs especially here in London--where you can walk the length of Kensington High Street and not hear one English voice--that our own people consider beneath them, which some of these people are not too proud to do, but which Brits, if they're so desperate for cash, should me made to do. Either that or cut the prison population and make lesser offenders clean out the subways, etc.
However, for the president of one of these countries to accuse Cameron (who I support when it suits me, which happens to be in this instance) of giving Britain a bad name by introducing his policy--well, the mind boggles. If this president looked after his own people instead of feathering his own nest and treating them abysmally--I've seen those orphanages--then they would not WANT to come here. And would HE want any of us over there?
Professional people, we need. Scroungers and gypsies we do not. I've had two experiences with these people. Once, when a couple of Bulgarian greaseballs tried to rob my wife in a Lisbon train-station. When this fat man attacked her, I clocked him one and sent him tumbling backwards down a huge flight of stairs. "Don't worry about him," the policeman said. "If he's dead, it's one less gypsy for us to worry about." He wasn't dead, but I guess he might have thought  twice about attacking anyone else. The second time was in Bruxelles, when two children robbed my wife. The police later found the bag, but not the contents. They told us that both kids had been given a good hiding--cheaper and more effective, they claimed, than doing things the legal way. Outside the city, there were over 2,000 of these creatures living in a camp. There they are a pariah. Therefore we don't want that kind of disease infecting our Cherished Isle.
However, if on the other hand Presidents Bulgar and Roma have any professionals going spare--doctors and the like--bearing in mind that their government treats everyone like shit, then they will be more than welcome to invade our shores. Just keep the others where they belong, which is not with us.  

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