Sunday, 29 December 2013

Moran Of The Lady Letty: Camp As Christmas!

Made in 1922, this must be the campest, gayest silent film I have ever seen!

A weeks ago, someone sent me a restored print of this, one which has a tiny scene put back in--the one on the boat where you can actually see the shape of Valentino's cock hanging down the leg of his trousers--and two colourised sections.

The leading lady is Dorothy Dalton, whose career slumped after this--she made her final film just two years later. Here, she is a tomboy who calls him "mate" and Rudy is gay as the proverbial vicar. She wishes she was a man so that she could get inside his pants, where the ship's captain and crew call him "Lily Of The Valley"and he gives every impression of being the original good time had by all--I kid you not. I won't spoil the story, just to say that it ends with Rudy and Walter Long slugging it out on the rigging, pulling each other's hair and emulating the Tiller Girls in a high-kicking routine. The scene where Rudy---aka Ramon, a name to conjure with--returns to land and all the queens dance around him, then hoist him on their shoulders and sing "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" while mincing some more, is the bees' knees, as they would say. 

And when Rudy finally finds out that Dorothy is a woman, he kisses her and the boys see this--these include Valentino love-conquests George O'Brien and William Boyd--they shrug their shoulders and conclude that the best "man" won. 


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