Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Freedom Of Speech Laws 2014

Leveson was never going to work~just a load of money, latest estimates suggest around £10 million, wasted on nothing when it could have gone to starving children. The press in this country and we journalists are too powerful to be silenced if the story needs to be told. And how would we have got the Savile story out into the open world if we had had draconic laws such as they had in France? Of course, this is why I have only had one book published in the French language, but that doesn't bother me. 

Good news too for little old me. Three people are currently purporting to be writing my "biography", hoping to tell my story before I do at the end of next year. Could be interesting, seeing as even I don't know much of it! There's already one "story" out there, a phenomenally expensive tome which came out two years ago and which includes my "stablemate" William Hague~we went to the same school. It's little more than Wikipedia entries, most of which are wrong in any case. There's also a couple of "essays" about me in books, along with lots of more legitimate references by writers as opposed to people who think they are writers. I regularly copy these and send them out free to anyone who wants them. The same will apply to any future "unauthorised biographies" me. Don't waste your hard-earned cash buying this shit. Just write to me and I'll send you an attachment for free!  

As for all the other stories out there, some of which have been suppressed for years~just watch how those newspaper headlines are going to zing in 2014!

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