Monday, 18 November 2013

Prince Eddy: The King Who Never Was

The second part of "The Nancy Sphinctergritzel Trilogy"could not have been better-timed to coincide with the documentary about Prince Eddy, broadcast on the television this evening.
What a beautiful but sad young man, and so maligned. Cecil knew him well--he was a big, strapping man, one who excelled at most sports, yet he succumbed so easily to the flu epidemic and died within days of contracting the illness, aged just 28. 
Eddy and Cecil were both involved with the notorious Cleveland Street Scandal of 1889. Eddy had been partnered with Charlie, the lad who blabbed to the police. Cecil met Tommy Grice here, and they were lovers for a long time. It was Nancy Sphinctergritzel, the conniving woman who conned Cecil into marrying her when he was 86, who drove Tommy's son, Thomas to suicide--all because Thomas had a fling with Rudolph Valentino back in 1923. Nancy threatened his family too, and to save them, poor Thomas killed himself. Cecil found out about this--his intention was to marry Nancy, take her to Ceylon for their honeymoon, and have her bumped off over there.
Sadly, things did not work out this way. The story of what happened will complete the trilogy, and will be published in a few weeks time.
Take a look at the pictures of Cecil and Eddy, above. Who could not love these two exquisite rogues. Then take a look at the pictures inside the books of the goppingly horrendous Nancy Sphinctergritzel, of whom Valentino said, "My meeting with Nancy was monumental--I threw up!"

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