Monday, 14 October 2013

Vicky Pryce: Wentworth's Finest?

No picture. Thinking about her and seeing her on Breakfast TV brought a little bit of sick into the back of my mouth. Think of the Valentino woman in a black wig, and you have a good idea what her mush looks like.
I am entitled to my opinion, therefore it's not libellous to say that I find her arrogant and self-centered, and an all-round misery-guts.
She's committed a crime and been sent to the slammer for it.
Today she says she had a good night's sleep when they took her in.
She's written a book claiming that she wants to help other women prisoners.
I agree that she should not have been sent to jail. This country's tax-payers fork out enough money to keep these sort of people housed and fed.
She was no danger to the community. They should have given her six months scrubbing out the toilets in the London Underground.
And who has published her book?
No one other than Mr Bucolic himself--Iain Dale of Biteback, who's not my favourite person in the world.
If you remember, Mr Dale gave me rather a nasty tongue-lashing when he thought I'd been arrested for assault--but only after informing me that his company would stand by me and give me a good character witness. Talk about more faces than the Town Hall clock!
I hadn't assaulted anyone--Mr Dale knew that.
Oh, and a few weeks ago Mr Dale was hauled in--for assault.
They didn't ask me to give him a character reference, otherwise they would really have arrested me.
And he was given an official police caution...

I wonder who will play the Jewish nymphomaniac neighbour in the remake?

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