Tuesday, 1 October 2013

More Disrespectful Reporting From The Sun Newspaper, This Time Concerning Jimmy Hill

What a delightful, kind individual The Sun's Chloe Mayer is.

"JIMMY ALZ FIGHT! screams her headline in yesterday's rag, followed by the sub-heading, "Dementia-hit pundit, 85, in nursing home." You then go on to say that he is renowned for his long chin. Were you born ignorant, or have you inherited this from your similarly-challenged colleagues? 

The term is ALZHEIMER'S, you disrespectful, illiterate goon. Many of us, myself included, have lost loved ones to this terrible disease, and do not need some snooty little arse-wipe like you to treat it like a joke. I could insult you further, but would guess that Mother Nature has already done this. 

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