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Greta Garbo:

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Greta Garbo

Divine Star
David Bret
A revealing new biography of Hollywood's most enigmatic star using previously unsourced material.

Though there have been numerous biographies of Greta Garbo, this is the first to fully investigate the two so-called missing periods in the life of this most mysterious and enigmatic of all the Hollywood stars. The first, during the late 1920s, when Garbo disappeared completely for several months, forcing the studio to employ a lookalike, was almost certainly to conceal a pregnancy. The second occurred during World War II, when Garbo was employed by British intelligence to track down Nazi sympathizers. In Greta Garbo: Divine Star, David Bret has acquired a large amount of previously unsourced material along with anecdotes from friends and colleagues of the star which have never before been published. For the first time, he paints a complete portrait of her childhood and youth in Sweden. Bret has also sourced copies of all Garbo's films—with the exception The Divine Woman, of which no print survives, including the silent—before scenes were trimmed or cut.
David Bret is one of Britain's leading showbusiness biographers. His many, highly successful, biographies include those of Edith Piaf, Doris Day, Joan Crawford, Jean Harlow, Errol Flynn, and Mario Lanza.

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