Saturday, 5 October 2013

Everybody And Their Mother Will Be Singing Piaf

Wherever you look this month, someone will be singing Piaf.
Most of them badly!
Marlene sang her, as did Milva. They sang her as themselves, and did not imitate.
My friends Chantal and Monique sing her songs extremely well, also as themselves. They also sing other songs extremely well--as themselves!
But elsewhere, what monstrosities!

Patricia Kaas: otherwise known as Madame Cheese. Don't get me wrong, when she sings her own songs she is inordinately good, but as soon as she latches on to Piaf, it's a very loud plop down the chute! Her video of "Avec ce soleil" is not just bad--it is gross! This is a moving song about the youth of today (well, of 1954 when Piaf first sang it). In Madame Fromage's incapable hands, it appears to be about anything but. Do we really need to see her push so much food into her mouth until it all comes back out out again, all over the table? Do we need to see a close up of her camel's toes and she pulls on her panties? As for her other songs, they are even worse.

Mireille Mathieu I'm not sure about--in fact, I'll go against the grain and say that he new album is excellent. Her "Exodus" is sublime. But why have we had to wait so long for a new album, and why did the new album have to be seemingly to take advantage of the Piaf anniversary? The Germans have been getting some great albums for years!

Lastly, Mademoiselle Escargot, aka Jil Aigrot. The most over-rated singer in the French language since the Belgian sensation, Brigitte Blé, whose karaoke nights and tuneless warblings were enjoyed by tens of people who usually went to the toilet when she walked on stage. Jili Aigrot takes on the Blé Mantle by having people say that she is Piaf reincarnated. SHE IS NOT!!!!!!

I listened to Mlle Escargot howling "La Foule", and it was far from pleasant. Her "claim to fame" is that she sang some of the soundtrack for "La Vie En Rose" as it was called here, "La Mome" in France. Her voice is awful. She sounds like Georgette Plana singing under water. She COPIES Piaf's movements, which I find insulting. This was okay in the Pam Gems play, but not on a variety stage. Sing Piaf by all means, Mlle Escargot, but do NOT impersonate her rheumatism and pain. She suffered during her life--do not make her suffer in death. Of course, Jil Aigrot COULD improve her performances.

She could hang up her little black frock.

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  1. You are saying what most people are thinking David, me included!