Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Edith Piaf: 50 Years On

On 11 October it will be 50 years since Edith Piaf left us. Times passes so quickly. 
She was without any doubt, in my opinion, the greatest singer who ever lived, certainly the greatest French singer there has ever been.
We had quite a few mutual friends, though I was only very young when she died, and I've collected together 17 interviews I conducted with these:

Elizabeth Welch
Louis Dupont, the father of her child
Damia, France's greatest singer before Piaf
Fernand Lumbroso, her first manager
Michel Emer, who wrote some of her most famous songs
Manouche, the gangster's moll
Marlene Dietrich
Irene Bevan, Gracie Fields' stepdaughter
Dorothy Squires
Peggy Lee
Barbara, France's greatest singer after Piaf
Catherine Jan
Roger Normand
Charles Dumont
Claude Sounac
Simone Margantin, her nurse
Jacqueline Danno

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