Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Why I Find Jody Latham & James Argent Offensive

Okay, so "Celebrity Super Spa" is arguably the worst reality TV show I have ever seen, and I know how to use the OFF button. There was such a fuss about last night's episode, however, that I watched it.

I find Jody Latham and TOWIES's James Argent an utter disgrace. They were paid to do the show--nowadays, like Helen Flanagan no one seems to want them other than for cheap tosh like this. They knew they would have to "back-sack-crack", yet they treated those clients like something they had scraped off their shoes. All the old "I'm-straighter-than-straight-can-be" cliches about not wishing to be near another man's nether regions. Latham was on "Shameless", and that's what he is. A disgrace. And the other one, asking for gloves as if he is handling someone with a disease. The man on the bunk seemed humiliated. Smug, greasy git!

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