Saturday, 14 September 2013

Is "Celebrity Super Spa" The Worst Reality Show Of All Time?

This unadulterated crock of shite almost completely ruined the Celebrity Big Brother finale last night. What on earth were the programme planners thinking about, splitting the programmed in two and broadcasting this trash in between?
Herbert Howe--the question being "howe" on earth did anyone involved with this programme tolerate this fourth-rate Liberace's grandfather without cracking up. He says he's been in hairdressing for 54 years, and looks like he's been on the planet for two centuries. And the Irish presenter who loves himself to the extent that he grins like he's got his own willy wedged up his bum? 
As for the celebrities--Under The Arches brat Helen Flanagan, throwing a strop as she always does and swearing like a trooper, begging for a cake of soap in the mouth moment. Rusty Lee, whose enforced laugh must be the most annoying sound on television--we even got a double dose of this horror when she cropped up big brother, her excuse that she was singing though Charlotte's and Carol's farts sounded much better. Jodie Latham, the spotty one from "Shameless" with the personality of a dead grasshopper. The chubby one from TOWIE trying to prove that whatever the drop-dead gorgeous Mario can do, Arg cannot. I can't even remember the names of the other duds who delighted us with massaging a pensioner's feet, causing a 70-year-old man to get a hard-on, and waxing the bum-crack of a boxer. "Pot-holing", Rusty Lee called it, making one wish this lot might take up the sport in question and never return.
They will, of course--to appear in the next celebrity reality crock of shite. All that some of them see to do since leaving whatever crock of shite they were in before. 

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