Thursday, 26 September 2013

Iain Dale: The Boot Is Now On The Other Foot

Last year, when I was accused of something I had not done, Iain Dale, who runs Biteback (Jeremy Robson published my Garbo book with them) instructed one of his minions to inform me that everyone who worked for his company did not believe the accusations made against me, and that they were on my side 100%. Futhermore, they were looking forward to the next book, and to Garbo coming out in America.

James, the head of sales, and Jeremy Robson--who has never been less than a gentleman--supported me, for which I was and still am grateful. 

When there was a discrepancy of just £500 in my royalty statement and I queried this, Iain Dale wrote that I was the most difficult author he had ever worked with, and that I was "a sandwich short of a picnic". All for the sake of £500, a fraction of what his company have made out of me. He added that my "behaviour" had given his company bad publicity, when there had been NO behaviour.

The police made a profound apology for what I had been accused of, I was completely exonerated, and action was taken against the person who had wrongfully accused me.

Today, Iain Dale was given a police caution for a "scuffle" incident in Brighton. He's removed most of the comments people had left on his Blog. Clearly, he is disliked by many, who believe that he should be relieved of his position of radio presenter. I'm not going to insult him, though I feel that it's the least he deserves. I just find him a reprehensible hypocrite.


He has apologised for his behaviour, but I fear it may be too late. Measures have certainly been taken, regarding a contract recently signed by me, that his company will not make one penny out of a project which would have made them a great deal of money. He wished me well and didn't mean it. I wish him bad luck and certainly do mean it.

I hope that his radio station DOES sack him. I hope that would-be clients DO avoid publishing with his company, though I have to stress that I have NO problems with his staff, who are all been found by me to have been professionals of the very highest order. Such is their professionalism that, if Biteback folds--which I hope it does--they will easily find work elsewhere, and I am sure with a better person at the helm. As for those who have worked with me--if they want character references, they can come to me.

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