Sunday, 4 August 2013

The White Queen: What Have They Done?

This has been quite possibly the most stupendous series I have EVER watched.
Until tonight...
Just what HAVE they done in one of the worst rewritings of this part of The Wars of The Roses in the history of celluloid!
We've salvaged part of Richard III's reputation this year, and finally found our boy and proved to the world that he was not a hunchback who gestated for two years and was born eating live frogs.
And now, the BBC and whoever contributed to this woefully damaging episode, has pulled the rug out from underneath him.
1: Richard was NOT at court when Edward IV died--he was in Middleham with Anne Neville.
2: Buckingham did not look like Vincent Price in a Woolworths wig. He had the hots for Richard and only turned when Richard refused to turn, so to speak.
3: Richard's wife and mother did NOT push him into becoming Protector: Edward allegedly named him thus in his will, a will which was never found, therefore Parliament named him thus.
4: Anthony Woodville was not apprehended in the arms of Jane Shore--it was Hastings (not even in the series!) who was banging the late King's mistress. Woodville and Grey were apprehended at Stony Stratford, en route to London (from Ludlow) with Edward IV. Richard apprehended him, he was on his way down from Yorkshire. Anthony Woodville was so pious, it's alleged he didn't even know what his cock was for. He was taken to Pontefract Castle.
5: Richard and Anne were NOT at Pontefract for the executions of Woodville and Grey, standing on the battlements and giving the signal for the headsman to bring down the axe.
6: Bravo to Philippa Gregory though for venturing the suggestion that one of the Princes, Richard of York, was spirited overseas and replaced by a fake prince.
The above points considered, we Ricardians are dreading what is going to be thrown at us during the last two episodes of this, as I have said, otherwise excellent series.

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