Monday, 5 August 2013

The Tenors~The Hilda Ogdens Of The Operatic World?

BBC Breakfast has done it again--they have gushed over singers who cannot sing very well.
Today, anyone who is reasonably good-looking (aka Corelli) and either plump (aka Lanza) or with designer stubble (aka Bocelli) can stand up and say they're the next Pavarotti. Take Paul Potts, for example--but wherever you take him, please leave him there!
And don't get me going with Russell Watsnoton!
Give them all the old chestnuts--"Nessum Dorma" and half a dozen others, and by the time they're sung and recorded them, their careers are over. Put these self-professed operatic tenors on stage in a production of "Tosca" or "Turandot", and they will self-combust.
Here we have the latest opera-pop sensation, The Tenors, a Canadian quartet with a very original name. They have a gimmick--one of them wears a hat. 
Their greatest claim to fame? They once received a standing ovation from Kevin Costner. Just thing how great they will become if the chubby one stands on Lorraine Kelly's foot!
Can they sing? Well, they can squawk, and only slightly better than Carlos, my pet rook. 
And someone compared them with Il Divo...
Well, that is like comparing Hilda Ogden with Maria  Callas.
I'm truly looking forward to the day--it won't happen of course--when someone appears on Breakfast and the presenter opines, "WHAT a load of rubbish!"

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