Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Creep Who Tried To Emulate Garbo

Greta Garbo famously bowed out with Two-Faced Woman. It seems ironic then that I should now learn that the eponymous "Davies" should attempt to do the same, several times on a forum which she professed to hate and while feigning to be one of my closest friends--but which I now know she secretly supported, and may still do--some 18 months ago when she very cleverly covered her tracks to make us think it was someone else. Very petty. The following is her "kindest" posting. I won't repeat the others because they concern my wife, who Two-Face and her cronies believe to actually be my sister or mother, with whom I have fathered a child. Very sick. I don't plan on seeking revenge. Two of the so-called "Desperate Fishwives" are reputed to be so on their last legs that they may not be around by the end of next year. 
Looks like New Year's Eve 2014 will be one worth celebrating, then.
Nasty, slimy two-faced people! 

From a site named "Stop The Myths"

Re: Bret Failed Author Choking on his Own Spite!!
 Posted by Davies » Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:43 am
Not only is he a pitiful man, a pitiful human being but with his latest post he proves what a pitiful author he is too. And I guess it's worse because he's repeating a blog post that he wrote last year almost in the exact context. Personally I put it down to jealousy, he has a book on Garbo (and yep he once met her too, in Paris - that's what it says in the publicity blurb) and yet he knows it will only sell a small number via Amazon, and for the pitiful few that will sell in shops, it will only be once they've been allocated to the bargain basket!!!!
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