Friday, 16 August 2013

Elvis & The Extras

It's 36 years since this great man left us, and today I got into a meaningless little "tiff" with one of the extras from his films. I won't name the person as this wouldn't be fair and this person is otherwise a gentleman whose only fault is to "enlarge" every situation he has been in. Had all the people he has worked with truly enthused about him the way he says they have, he would have been a household name by now. Yet his largely ignorant, sychophant followers cling to his every word and fable. It's so very sad. 
Says this person, Elvis so liked working with him in one film that he asked for him to appear in six more.
I could not let this go uncriticised. Some years ago I was asked to write Elvis In Hollywood, and was shocked at how little control Elvis had over his own life, largely on account of Colonel Tom Parker, and the grasping studios. Elvis was never allowed any say in his films: script approval, co-stars, director. Like a little boy, the world's most famous entertainer had to toe the line. They wouldn't have got away with it today.
HAD Elvis had the power to ask for this extra SEVEN times, there is no doubting that this person would have achieved much greater acclaim than to spent the next thirty years, at best, with walk-on parts and exaggerating past glories which, at best were tepid. The truth is, Elvis was never allowed near the extras and dancers. Most likely he would not have known who this man was. The film companies recruited from agencies where dancers and extras, even very good ones, were two a penny.
I'm so sorry to burst this person's bubble with the truth, but this is how it happened. 
So very sad then that this person's friends, who have no idea who I am, have come up with some of the most ridiculous statements about me that I have ever read--one has even put a Voodoo curse on me!


  1. We know who you are, Mr. Bret. You are a hack of the Kenneth Anger variety. And you might want to learn how to spell, seeing as how you are an "author" and all.

    1. Thank you, Hala Pickford. I shall be adding some of the replies I had about Mr Riordan very shortly, and of course I will be covering in great detail your court appearances as and when they occur. It's also very refreshing to see you write a sentence which does not have the word "f*ck" in it.