Thursday, 29 August 2013

Elizabeth Taylor In China!

Maybe I wasn't thinking straight, but something told me they might not even have heard of Elizabeth Taylor in China. Well, they have, and not only this, the book hit the Number One spot there and has reached well into the five-figure sales bracket, which apparently is quite good for a "foreign" star. I like the cover, too, the way they actually covered it in silk, and included a collector's item "Cleopatra" bookmark. 
The book also reached the Number One spot in Poland, and the Top Twenty in Sweden. The Russians were interested, but have backed out because of Mr Putin's anti-gay policies. They don't approve of anything which promotes the likes of Rock Hudson and Monty Clift.
But, another big Elizabeth Taylor contract was signed yesterday to make up for it!
They didn't call her Saint Elizabeth for nothing!

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