Monday, 29 July 2013

Lads Mags: Much Ado About Nothing

How silly that feminist made herself sound on Breakfast, this morning. And a huge virtual bunch of roses for the lovely model who defended her corner.
The feminists--and I am yet to see a pretty one, or one who could get a man without having to pay for one--are up in arms because they want to stop shops here from selling so-called 'lads mags' because, they say, they degrade women. What utter piffle! Nobody is holding a gun to these ladies' heads and forcing them to pose for pictures which, let's face it, are hardly pornographic--we're not talking Alexandrian donkey. And what about The Sun newspaper? This can be found within very each of children, and I am yet see it appear once without a pair of jugs displayed on Page 3.
No, the only ones who degrade women are the feminists themselves. These people need to lighten up. On TV right now there's an ad for butter where a group of old ladies are dining on the beach--this hunky young man comes out of the sea, and is changing his trunks under his towel when a dog runs off with it. The old ladies titter--as do the thousands of fans who attend Chippendales shows. Were it to be a young woman having her towel whipped, the feminists would be up in arms about that.
People worship women, people worship men. Walking in the street, on the beach, humping one another in porn films. So long as it isn't perverse--though most feminists would consider kissing a man perverse--and so long as youngsters are not watching, it's harmless. I have model friends, and I have porn star friends. I've watched a porno shoot. One of my friends employs his mother as his manager, and she vets every scene he's in. Perfectly normal. 
So, to the "woman" who was bleating this morning--and who lost the argument--I say this. Leave our tits alone. If you have any respect for humanity, try and do something about all the mindless violence on television. 
And get yourself a man!

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