Thursday, 18 July 2013

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton

Having seen this prior to it being shown on BBC4 next week, I was going to write about it here. However, as I have been invited on the BBC Radio Breakfast Show, I shall reserve my judgement until then. Lindsay Lohan couldn't act her way out of a wet paper bag.
As for Helena Bonham Carter and Gone--sorry, Dominic West....well, those of you who know me, just pretend you're with me in a restaurant when the waiter places a plate of octopus in front of me.


  1. I'm assuming this is the same one shown in U.S. a few months ago. How did Lohan land this job?? She is a no-talent. No skills, smoker's voice, pitiful as an actress.

  2. No, Merry, this is another one with Helena Bonham-Carter and Dominic West. It tells of how they got together again to do a Noel Coward play, at a time when Burton was all washed-up.