Thursday, 20 June 2013

Save Our Forrest


They say the law is an ass. I can certainly say that the British justice stinks. A former friend of mine committed murder. Though I cared very much about him once, I signed the petition to hang him. Instead he was sent down for life. Many's the time I've wanted to see him again for old times sakes--I applied once and was granted permission, but in the end bottled out.
This week, an octogenarian has been given 15 months for fingering little girls--and I mean little girls. Some say that it happened a long time ago, but that doesn't make it right. The little girls are grown up and still suffering, while he thought he'd got away with it. I won't say here how I would like him to be punished, even if he does have one foot in the grave. Over the next few months we're going to be reading a lot more about other similar cases. Will the judges for them be equally lenient?
Today, there's talk of Jeremy Forrest getting seven years for abduction. The girl in question "cannot be named for legal reasons"--when she went missing last year, her name and face were plastered all over the show. At Jeremy's trial this week, this girl has stood up for him and confessed that she flirted with him, that she loves him. They had a physical relationship, but even my Aunt Fanny knows that it wasn't abuse or abduction, an so do the girl's family.
This couple were in love. Okay, he was thirty and she was fifteen, and that doesn't make it right--but again, even my Aunt Fanny can see that they were meant to be together. She went with him willingly. He didn't shove her in his rucksack and sprint through the Chunnel under cover of darkness.
I hope the judge who passes sentence has a better conscience than the TTs (that's Tabloid Turds) who are so willing to condemn--for no other reason that they get off on tragedies. Think Justin Fashinu, think Tosh Lines. How they revelled in the story last year that Jeremy was suicidal.
Britain has gone paedophile mad. Yet they're looking at all the wrong cases and persecuting the wrong people. Okay, so if an old codger misbehaved forty years ago, he should be made to pay. I believe that Jimmy Savile should be dug up and executed, but I don't for one moment believe all these people who keep crawling out of the woodwork in the hope of making a fast buck. Some of them, yes, but if Jimmy mauled them all, he must have spent his every waking moment with his flies undone. What the media needs to really concentrate on are the paedophiles of today--the ones who are quietly getting away with it while the decades-old stories are hogging the headlines.

Then again, who is interested in Jack Spratt, the bus driver who lives at Number 3, when they can squeeze the juice out of Jeremy and Ken?

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