Saturday, 1 June 2013

Richard Armitage For Richard III?

Under normal circumstances I would have said no, for no other reason that he's too tall to portray a man we once ASSUMED to be small.
All this has changed. He's a great actor, fantastic in mean and moody roles--think Guy of Gisburn--and his facial expressions are perfect. Richard III was not small, he was the same height and build as me. And this Richard's ambition is to play him--his fans have even got up a petition for someone to offer him the part, when the time comes!
Of course, there's the problem of his tattoos, should he be required to get his kit off--a certainty with modern films. While these look gross on some people--on women, particularly, because they defeminise them and too much ink makes them look dirty and like freaks--they actually look good on Richard Armitage. I guess they'll have make-up to cover them up!
This year has truly been Richard III's year. I've been involved with him since 1974, and now I have a whole series of books involving him about to be published. The poor man was under that car-park all those years, and my work on him was stuck up in the loft! As the actress said of the bishop, he came good in the end! 
And now, his time has come! Laurence Olivier, eat your codpiece!

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